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Payment Plans Now Available 

Literary GPS now offers payment plans. Click the "Let's Chat" button below to discuss your options of either 4 payments or 6 when you spend $120 or more. 

EDITING (w/pictures of past edits)
Edtiting Packages

Your manuscript is only half done when you finish writing it. You need the eyes and mind of a skilled editor to enhance the quality of your book. Literary GPS specializes in developmental/content editing, but we feature other forms, such as copy/line editing, proofreading, and beta reading. 


If you book this service for a copy/line edit, you will also receive a developmental edit; however, if you only book a developmental edit, you will ONLY receive a developmental edit. 


Our editing process is as follows: 

1. You must book a consultation to be given a quote and an assessment of your manuscript to assess excessive damages. *price may vary beyond the starting rate depending on your assessment. Your quote will be given BEFORE editing services are booked*. The prices listed below ARE JUST BASE PRICES. A consultation is required to do a full assessment of your specific manuscript to assess writing style, damages, etc.


2. You'll receive your quote, you'll sign a terms of service agreement laying out the terms of the service, and you can either pay a 55 % deposit or in full. If you pay a deposit, the remaining balance will be due 72 hours before the tentative return date. 


3. Editing, depending on the length of the project, can take up to two months. Your tentative return date will be outlined in the terms of the service agreement. You cannot pay a rush fee on edits. If you have a deadline in mind, please include it in the consultation. Otherwise, you will be given a due date based on my practices and schedule. I will do my best to accommodate you, but if I cannot, I will refer you to someone of equal or greater caliber.


4. Literary GPS doesn't offer sample edits. We do, however, have references, a resume page, and we are more than willing to share them or you can check out our Testimonial page. 


5. When booking a consultation for editing services, the consultation fee automatically comes off the total price of the editing service IF you book. 

Literary GPS Product Templates (20).png
Copy of Literary GPS Product Templates (1).png

Full-Service    Edit Price List

  15,000 words  = $150 
  15,000-25,000 words = $175

  25,000-35,000= $225
  35,000-45,000= $275


75,000-100,000= $600

Copy of Literary GPS Product Templates (1).png
Literary GPS Product Templates (21).png

At the heart of a developmental edit lies the gutting of your manuscript. This doesn't work on your grammar or spelling. A developmental edit is to help develop/structure your content.


A developmental edit analyzes the comprehension of your content. A developmental edit determines what your manuscript needs in order to be ready to publish. If you're questioning how solid your content is, if you need help with character development inside of your manuscript, if you're lacking the proper development to make your story flow and reach the end, it's time for a developmental edit.

 $10.00 per 2,000 words

Manuscript Critique

Manuscript Critique
Literary GPS Product Templates (35).png

If you need an extra set of eyes to look over your manuscript, I'm your girl. Manuscript critiques consist of checking for flow, character development, and content development. The critique will check/identify plot holes, pace, tone, writing style, and ways to further the manuscript in the right direction. 


If you're struggling to finish your manuscript due to content issues, whether it be not having enough, worrisome plot twists/holes, checking for direction and balance, a manuscript critique can give you the information/answers you need to solve your hardest writing problems. 


The pricing for this service begins at $300 for 10,000 -15,000 words of your manuscript. For manuscripts 15k and above, please book a discovery call. Your discovery call fee will be used toward the manuscript critique.

Prices vary $300.00 or more
Literary GPS Product Templates (22).png

You've read your manuscript so many times, and now you want to send it to an editor, but you don't want to look like a newbie? Let's get you in for a proofread. 

Literary GPS Product Templates (23).png

You have a story to tell, but trying to tell it has become too tedious. You're an author who simply doesn't have time to mass-produce the way you want, and you want someone more seasoned to take care of it. You're writing in a different genre, but don't know how to properly execute it and you need a ghostwriter to take the wheel?

Literary GPS Product Templates (24).png

You've written a book that blows people's minds, but your brain is fried, and figuring out how to complete an in-market synopsis is at the bottom of the list? No worries, let Literary GPS take care of it. We offer Blurb or Synopsis Writing at an affordable rate, and the turnaround time is 24 hours or less! 

Editing Services


Did you already have your book edited but need another thorough eye to take a look? 


Let Literary GPS catch those mistakes missed to give your book the fighting chance it deserves. 


Proofreading services begin at $200.00 for manuscripts under 85,000 words. 


You cannot book this service without an assessment. If you do not have either an edited manuscript or a "clean" manuscript we will not allow you to book a proofreading service. We will recommend an edit. 


Word counts over 85k will require a discovery call. 

 $200.00 for  85,000 words
or less

Literary GPS offers ghostwriting at an affordable rate, and we offer discretion to all of our clients. We are bound by an NDA to keep your information confidential indefinitely and pride ourselves on being your secret helper. 


Ghostwriting rates start at $300 per 5,000 words, in any genre. We do offer free writing samples upon request of 1 chapter. 


We offer ghostwriting in the following genres: 



Urban Fantasy

Urban Fiction

Urban Romance

Contemporary Romance




You cannot book this service without a consultation. 


Literary GPS assists in ghostwriting in the following capacity...

1. If you have a concept, we can do the ghostwrite.

2. If you have an outline, we can do the ghostwrite. 

3. If you have a genre in mind, you can select from our many lists of concepts, and we can do the ghostwrite. 

4.. If you have the character names, and nothing else, we can still do the ghostwrite. 


When you click to book this service, you are booking a discovery call. The fee of the discovery call, if you book the ghostwriting service AFTER the consultation, will come off the total of the ghostwriting fee. We will discuss your project's service matter, turn around time, payment plans, etc. 



We will craft a publishing-worthy synopsis or blurb for your book. All we need is a brief description of what the book is about. 


Synopsis/Blurb Writing holds a flat rate of $35. Send the answers to these questions directly to my email ( AFTER you purchase.

1. Who is your Protagonist?

2. Who is your Antagonist?

3. What is the backstory?

4. What are the Climax/Climaxes?

5. Any pertinent information about the characters?

6. What is the Conflict?

7. How does it end?

8. Is this a series, if so, what part?

9. What's the title? 

10. Brief idea/synopsis from previous book IF this applies. 

If you have any questions, click the "Let's Chat" button at the bottom of the site to reach me directly.

 24-48 Hour turn around

Literary GPS Product Templates (25).png

Are you a business owner with guides to share, but don't know how to put them together? Are you a teacher who needs study guides for your students? You like notebooks/journals that affirm you. This service is open to all entrepreneurs. This service requires a consultation. 

Literary GPS can design, print, create your e-book, manual, guide/planner, or journal/notebook. 

When you click purchase, it will take you to the Discovery Call. In order to book this service, you must FIRST, have a discovery call, as we do not accept all projects. 

Price : $700.00
Social Media Services
Literary GPS Product Templates (30) - Copy.png
Some writers/authors prefer focusing on the craft, and you can now do that, by hiring Literary GPS to manage your social media. 

​We will provide branded content for your business page/personal page. Currently, we only work with Facebook as a management platform. 

This service is for a month.
You'll be given 30-31 days' worth of content. 
We will schedule your posts based on the best posting time for your engagement. 

This service will allow you the opportunity to focus on your craft, and allow us to help you build the author profile you and your work deserve. 
Ask about our custom VA packages by clicking the
"Let's Chat" button. 
Literary GPS Product Templates (31) - Copy.png
Your release day deserves to be celebrated, and a media kit is the visual you need to draw attention to your next release. Your media kit is packed with information all about you, that fellow readers will need/want to follow your journey of writing. 

​A media kit is typically used when launching a new product/service/book to intrigue new readers and convince them to purchase your book. This is an alternative to posting your link 100 times a day and using your flyer and cover as your only means to promote/advertise. 

​A media kit is designed with the intention of gaining a larger following/larger attention from more readers in your target market who are not familiar with your work.
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