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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

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Did you know creative writing is a form of artistic expression, that draws on the imagination to convey meaning through the use of imagery, narrative, and drama? That means the second your hand puts pen to paper to create a fictional story, you're creative writing! 


This course is study driven, packed with knowledge and visual examples.


Course 1- Four Main Types of Writing 

Course 2- Show vs Tell

Course 3- POV's and How to Use Them

Course 4-Prompt Writing 

Course 5- Critiques & Self-Editing


Through the course of this adventure, you'll gain access to a writing mentor, discover your own writing technique while learning about others, and gain a professional critique partner. This course can be taken at your leisure. Feel free to email me with any questions if you've purchased the course and need help. If you have questions prior to purchase, click the "Let's Chat" button at the bottom of the website. 

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