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Ghetto Christmas With You

Ghetto Christmas With You

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Eternity Harold was raised deep in the hood of Nashville, where Christmas is “you get what you get, now don’t ask for s*** else.” Her mother, Mari, is a single mother and gave her children what she could. The holidays are best spent together, rather than having an abundance of Christmas gifts, at least that’s what Eternity was brought up to believe. Poverty changed Eternity’s life! She vowed that when she became an adult, she’d make more than enough money to never be envious of others and their materialistic objects again. She found wealth, as she promised.


What she didn’t imagine she'd find was that she’d fall in love too. Eternity takes herself on a trip to London where she meets the love of her life, Daniel. They’ve been dating for five years now, and Eternity has been dropping hints about wanting to get married. There’s just one problem. Daniel’s never met Eternity’s family. Eternity’s cultural differences between her and Daniel’s families is so great, she doesn’t know if her relationship will survive a visit with her family, but Daniel gives her an ultimatum: he meets her parents, or he’s walking.


Desperate to save her relationship, she brings Daniel home to meet her family, and she’s almost sure she’ll regret it. Every family dynamic is different. The Harolds' dynamic highlights Uncle Jamie, who claims to have lost his foot in the “war”, Auntie Kat who still likes to get her groove on, regardless of the fact she’s seven decades old, and cousin Cleo who has more kids than a twenty-two-year old should. This Christmas is gonna get real ghetto when London meets the 615.

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