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How to Afford Self-Publishing E-Book

How to Afford Self-Publishing E-Book


When I self-published my first book in 2017, I was overwhelmed and broke! But, that didn’t deter me. I had a few books out that weren’t making enough money for a self-published release, and I needed cash fast!

I didn’t know how much everything would cost! I did my research, and I FOUND ways to afford self-publishing. I’ve rinsed and repeated this formula more times than one, and now, my self-publishing dreams aren’t just affordable, but my books have allowed me to be a permanent fixture in the literary industry!

One of the most used reasons I hear for people not wanting to self-publish or them not "authoring" full-time is because they think they can't afford it.


Guess what?


I've crunched the numbers so you don't have to!


In this e-book, you'll learn different ways to afford self-publishing for ANY type of budget, in any genre, for any person who wants to self-publish. We've broken down the components, how much they cost, and HOW you can afford it!

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