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Organizing/Outlining Your Novel For Everyone

Organizing/Outlining Your Novel For Everyone


Join us for a prerecorded class on how to outline and organize your manuscript.

Do you ever feel like you’re struggling to figure out content for your story? Storyline is all over the place and the characters are missing…something? Put your worries and fears of having a manuscript that makes no sense to rest by getting organized! 

Organizing your novel, even the details you THINK don't matter, are super important, and you can finally learn how to do so with content creator expert Tabitha Sharpe. 


We'll cover how to develop content, identify what pieces you need to outline your story, we’ll discuss outlining methods for each writing style, organizing your novel without an outline, how to free-write in an organized way, and the part most struggle with, the "fluff" of a story. We'll talk about pace, balance, and how to make sure your book is heading in the right direction EVEN IF you don't stick to the outline.


We’ll learn new outlining techniques, character profiles/development, and dig deep into the story to make sure your story’s pieces fit tightly together like a seatbelt. All you need to do is click it.


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