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Synopsis Writing

Synopsis Writing


Let Literary GPS craft a well-written, in-market synopsis for your upcoming or past release. All we need is a brief description of what the book is about. *see questions below*


Send the answers to these questions directly to my email ( AFTER you purchase along with your order number. 


1. Who is your Protagonist?

2. Who is your Antagonist?

3. What is the backstory?

4. What are the Climax/Climaxes?

5. Any pertinent information about the characters?

6. What is the Conflict?

7. How does it end?

8. Is this a series, if so, what part?

9. What's the title?

10. Brief idea/synopsis from previous book IF this applies. ​


If you have any questions, click the "Let's Chat" button at the bottom of the site to reach me directly.

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