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The Crusaders Package

The Crusaders Package


*Payment Plans are Available. Click the "Let's Chat" Button to discuss your options.*


What is the difference between an outline and a concept? An outline gives you chapter by chapter information, in depth to tell your story. A concept is the "storyline" plot points that you can use to fully develop your book.


The Crusader's Outline Package features a 6-8 outline OR 6-8 concept option OR a mixture of outlines and concepts that equal 6-8.

You can customize your package to fit your needs. There is no limit to the outline content amount. For example, you could use your Crusader's Outline Package for two standalones, two novellas, and two concepts. You could choose three standalones and three full lengths, plus 2 novellas, etc.

This would be perfect for a "series" writer, or for someone who plans to mass release. Again, this is a mix and match service.


Note: If you choose one of Literary GPS' concepts to turn it into an outline, you don't need to purchase the concept.


Outlines in the Crusader's Package do not come with a character bible and synopsis.


This outline package is non-refundable.

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