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How to Write a Read-Worthy Novella

How to Write a Read-Worthy Novella


Writing a novella, at times, can seem like an even larger task than simply writing a full length book. You constantly worry if you've made the read worthwhile, wheen having to stay within a certain word cap, while also staying within certain peramiters. 


Don't get me started on us long winders, who struggle to cut our tongues off when necessary.


This 14-page ebook features 5 essential chapters to novella writing. 


1. What a novella is and isn't

2. Outlining your novella/content

3. Novella Elements

4. Pace/Tone/Pov

5. How to use your novella to create success 


& a bonus chapter full of tips to help you successfuly handle/write your novella. 

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