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Live Outlining Class

Live Outlining Class

$275.00 Regular Price
$137.50Sale Price

Are you ready to become an organized writer? Our 5-week course will include learning in a group setting, defining what you need as a writer to implement in your outline, how to determine, pace, pov, tone, and we'll take a deep dive into character information.


*Must be a Facebook User*


We'll discuss the moving parts of a story and how to apply them.

You'll receive guided help, and by the end of the 5 weeks, you should have completed your own outline, perhaps even two. This course will included the 4 outlining methods, who they're good for, and how to use them in conjunction and separately.


*Early Bird Special*

Those who sign up before September 27th, 2022 @ 4 p.m. Central Time will receive $75 off. After, the course will return to its regular price of $350. :)

Select offline payment to receive a manual payment plan! Email me ( your name and purchase order number to receive the manual payment plan!



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